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1/2" PVC garden hose set 15m,30m

                       1/2" PVC garden hose set 15m,30m
 ◆  Including adjustable hose nozzle,    1/2" hose connector w/stop, 1/2" hose connector w/o stop, 1/2"-3/4" tap adaptor.
◆   Our garden hose is 3-layer. The inner (black) layer of PVC which is resistant to ultra-violet rays, the second layer (increasing) - Polyester sheath Phillips, the 3rd layer of the outer (translucent green) is made of soft PVC, immune to UV rays and precipitation of algae inside the hose, elastic, limits Temperature: -10 / +50 º C . Free from cadmium and recycled material. Withstand pressure up to 25bar. Working pressure up to 7 bar.                              

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